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Asset Performance Networks’ Turnaround Network is a web-based portal that provides turnaround professionals with world-class, proprietary tools. These tools facilitate strategic and tactical decision making as well as the sharing of knowledge across your enterprise. Tools include risk management and readiness assessments based on a proven, gated work process with associated best practices and job aids. Your manufacturing facility or company will need to be a subscriber for you to gain access to the portal.
Contact AP-Networks at +1.240.683.1001 or and ask for the License Package. A package containing license options and pricing will be sent to you.
AP-Networks and American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers (AFPM) have a collaborative arrangement. AP-Networks posts AFPM’s most recent publications on Turnaround Network. In return, AP-Networks promotes upcoming AFPM events through its portal. This is a mutually beneficial relationship and consistent with the missions of both organizations.
All materials including tools, job aids, and industry practices contained in the Turnaround Network have been created by the professionals at AP-Networks. This material has been developed by our staff based on their real-world experience in managing turnarounds and through the systematic research of the causes of success and failure in turnaround management.

The real-world experience and research has shown that most turnarounds are failing to meet their objectives. Most problems are due to poor definition planning and preparation and can be prevented. The network helps turnaround teams meet their objectives by building on best practices and lessons learned from past experience.
Housed within Turnaround Network, there are two primary tools that can assist a site in the planning and preparation of a turnaround. The first tool is NaviTrack, a process deployment and implementation system. NaviTrack generates a gated work process designed specifically for the size and complexity of your turnaround. Job aids, activity assignments, and progress reports are specifically geared to help you and your team prepare for an upcoming turnaround.

The second tool is the Turnaround Readiness Pyramid. The Pyramid is the industry standard for measuring turnaround readiness. This evaluation tool measures status and team alignment, and facilitates dialogue throughout the entire enterprise.

NaviTrack and the Turnaround Readiness Pyramid are easily navigated and can be used by anyone with a basic understanding of computers.
Simply contact Customer Support at, +1.877.303.3581 (USA and Canada), or +1.832.240.4986 (International).
The Turnaround Network server uses a variety of security mechanisms to ensure that only licensed subscribers are given access to the network servers, and that an organization's data is not compromised.

If you would like more information on our security policies, please contact Customer Support at, +1.877.303.3581 (USA and Canada), or +1.832.240.4986 (International).
Please contact Customer Support at, +1.877.303.3581 (USA and Canada), or +1.832.240.4986 (International).
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