Turnaround Network

is the world’s most innovative software toolset for turnaround planning and execution. The web-based portal is home to proprietary AP-Networks software tools that have become a standard part of how Fortune Global 100 energy and petrochemical companies plan and execute turnarounds. The ever-evolving toolset places the unrivaled turnaround expertise of AP-Networks on the desktop of every turnaround professional across the enterprise.

How We Help

  • Benefit from a world-class Turnaround management process deployed specifically for your turnaround to assign tasks and deliverables and track them

  • Track compliance to work processes and enable more consistent levels of planning and preparation

  • Ensure that best practices are being implemented in the definition and planning phases

  • Measure and view the readiness of every turnaround at any stage

  • Access world-class processes, at any time from any place, at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions

  • Provide a platform for common understanding and learning

  • Bring predictable outcomes with repeatable proven practices

  • Leverage knowledge and experience across many facilities

  • Facilitate the integration of newly-merged companies with common processes, tools, terms, and best-in-class systems to govern turnarounds

Providing More


A process deployment and implementation system that brings best practices to the desktop of every turnaround professional in the enterprise. This first web-based tool of its kind generates a gated work process designed specifically for your turnaround's size and complexity. Through the use of job aids, reports, and activity-based assignments, NaviTrack shapes early value creation by focusing the turnaround team and stakeholders' attention on best practices toward optimum readiness and flawless execution.

Turnaround Readiness Pyramid

The industry standard for measuring turnaround readiness. The Pyramid evaluates readiness at three key points prior to shutdown by benchmarking your turnaround's readiness, based on turnaround complexity, against AP-Networks' industry database of more than 1,150 turnarounds. The Pyramid is an evaluative tool that measures planning status and team alignment.

Quantitative Risk Manager

Identifies and quantifies risks based on turnaround characteristics to serve as predictors of turnaround outcomes.

Cost of Change Tool

Quantifies hidden turnaround costs associated with late changes.

Complexity Calculator

Categorizes turnarounds as high, medium, or low risk to ascertain the level of management attention and assurance they require.